Jeep Grand Cherokee Programming Instructions

**You MUST HAVE two working programmed transmitters before

    you can add a third transmitters. 

**If you only have ONE WORKING TRANSMITTER and want to add a
   second transmitter this procedure WILL NOT WORK.

1.  Using first programmed transmitter turn ignition to the ON position

     for 3 seconds but no longer than 15 seconds.
     (Do not crank engine). Turn transmitter off and remove. 

2.  Within 15 seconds insert second working programmed transmitter.
     Turn ignition to the ON position (Do not crank engine) After 10 seconds
     an acoustic signal will be heard and immobilizer warning lamp wil
     flash. Turn transmitter OFF and remove second programmed

3.  Within 60 seconds insert third NEW non-programmed transmitter into
     ignition and turn to the ON  position (Do not crank engine).
     After 10 seconds an acoustical signal will be heard and immobilizer
     warning lamp will illuminate for 3 seconds.    

4.  Turn transmitter to the OFF position and remove. 

5.  Test transmitters.

      Repeat procedure for additional transmitters if required.
      A maximum of 8 transmitters can be programmed.